Board of Bandits - Dystopia (artwork faeton music)

Board of Bandits – Dystopia

One more beautiful song by Board of Bandits

Artist about the track:

I love strong melodies and compositions. Joni Mitchell is one of my biggest influences to whom I always return to. But the universe of My Bloody Valentine and Sigur Ros are also often present when I make music, and I love this combination! Naked acoustic singer songwriting combined with dreamy sounds.


Close the door on your way out, it ́s late
Ever since you came everything ́s upside down, so down, most of the time
Something ́s changed since we last met, but i feel fine
Cold winds roll in from the north side, trembling, so close to you, most of the time

Little by little we lose what we had
Turning into what we feared the most
Crashing down inte the deep

White walls and metal beds needles and blood
Desperate voices avoiding the crud
Looking up into the light