Billy Vena - Shaggy Dynamite (artwork faeton music)

Billy Vena – Shaggy Dynamite

Fresh song by Billy Vena


Here’s what I think when you force your way into my life
That anything can happen
Blessed with a beauty so vibrant
It’s hard to deny
My love and when to mask it
Put your hands between
Anything else than what I see
Baby don’t put your hands on me
Because we both know what it means
I’m just tryna break you like a
If love is what you need
Just know that I don’t have it
I promise truthfully
Baby it’s hard to believe Im over you
tryna break you like a habit
Damned if I don’t and I guess that I’m damned if I do
I’d say there’s not a wedding
That could convince me to be with you
I’m better in my bed, sleep
Im just tryna, Im Just tryna