Best Mann - Hudson Holland (artwork faeton music)

Best Mann – Hudson // Holland

Beautiful and interesting song by Best Mann

“Hudson // Holland” was one of the first songs officially written for my upcoming debut album under the Best Mann moniker, …And the Sky. As with much of the LP, “Hudson // Holland” was written after the death of my former bandmate Claire , both as a way to honor her voice and impact on my life, and to wrestle with the parallel guilt over my longtime anxieties about death and illness.

Framed within the context of a car ride from NYC to NJ for a band rehearsal, the track traces the grief over Claire’s passing back to an earlier time we spent together, at once working to remember the best parts of the friendship and collaboration, while struggling with my inability to fully appreciate those moments when they happened, or to carry them forwards in a consistently positive way.

The song’s off-kilter pocket and jangly guitar hook lends itself to that same unbalance, stumbling from beat to beat and never allowing the listener to fully settle, even as the grove becomes more stable and familiar. As with the rest of the album, “Hudson // Holland” was entirely written, produced, and performed by myself. The song was largely self-recorded at my studio Echo Base Production in Amherst Massachusetts. Drums were tracked @ Ghost Hit Recording (Holyoke, MA) with the wonderful Andrew Oedel (Anderson .Paak, WATSKY, Rachel Price), who also mixed the record. Mastering was done by the brilliant Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, The Shins, Houndmouth, The Kills) @ Magic Garden Mastering (Los Angeles, CA)


On the borderline,
Crossing Jersey in a broken ride,
She caught me with a paper smile
An easy anodyne,
But I was only listening half the time,
So certain that we’d have a while
Now I’m stuck on the way that she caught the light
Figured by now I could get it right
Shake my shit and learn to cope
But I thought I was dying again last night
Selfish the way I get so uptight,
Caught my breath just like before
(I falter on the safest ground)

Turning over,
Turning in the overflow,
Unwind the story:
She carried me home again.
Ain’t it easy,
Way we bend the ending so
Unkind to holy:
I stumble alone
Hope I find my way home again.

No glory hard to find:
‘Cross the room she’s singing’ “Lilac Wine”
Like nothing ever came before
I turn the other side,
Turn again, I pray I’m goin blind--
I cannot own what I ignored
But I couldn’t now even if I tried
Hear it again and again each time
Best days, I try to make the most
Run to the city again each night
Chasing a ghost to the rooftop height
Pretend that we can see the coast
(Coast won’t clear itself/she takes me down)

Turning over,
Turning in the overflow,
Unwind the story:
She carried me home again.
In the morning
Please just warn me ‘fore you go
Unwind me slowly:
I stumble alone
Till I find my way home again

Turning over,
Turning in the overflow
Keep me honest
Keep me long as you can hold