Belle Sonder - How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head) (artwork faeton music)

Belle Sonder – How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)

One more atmospheric song by Belle Sonder

Artist about the track:

‘How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)’ is a return to Belle Sonder’s signature, atmospheric sound, rooted in post-rock and soundscape influences. Built around a looping processed guitar motif, ‘How Do You Get Out…’ studies the cyclical internal thought that so many of us are experiencing whilst isolated from physical contact. A gradual build of dreamy guitars and reverberating drums provide the backdrop for the introspective yet determined vocals of lead vocalist Eirik Bøen Gravdal, as the song swells towards a crescendo of vast, distorted guitars and echoing, effected vocals, before breaking out in to a liberating and inquisitive central lyric, “How do you get out of your head?”. Just as resolution seems apparent, the song retreats to the original riff, closing out the four-minute track just as it began, alluding to an inability to get out of the recurrent patterns of thinking, whilst offering a sense of contentment that comes from externalising what’s on your mind. ‘How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)’ is a song about feelings at a time when talking about them is more important than ever. “But actually, I’m kinda afraid” and that’s okay.


Your words have no meaning

When they fall
From the lines
They're upon

Couldn't make up the feeling

But actually, I want to tell you more
Imagining the walls

Building them around your fragile mind

Keeping it at bay

But actually, I’m kindof afraid
Afraid of who we are
Afraid of who we’ve become
Afraid to get out of this comfort
We’re getting too used to
Being afraid of what is coming
Get out of your head
Get out of my mind
With equal parts of loneliness
Mixed into
All parts of withdrawal
In everything
We posses
Are we
Getting out of here?