BAILE - Leave Me (feat. Kauf) (artwork faeton music)

BAILE – Leave me (feat. Kauf)

Fresh and beautiful track by BAILE

Artist about the track:

Curating rich dance music inspired by heady house beats and down-tempo rhythms, “Leave Me” opens with an isolated piano melody, twinkling like fallen rain drops against a murky sky. Kauf’s vocals float effortlessly over barbed synths and luminous percussion, casting long shadows across a room lit only by candlelight – flames flickering in the dusky twilight.


Leave me back with your friends
No one's getting any quicker
Wait for nothing if it's quicker
Raining only sand to what end?
Wore my chemicals around us
Trembling petals of a painter
Put too much time in the wrong hands now
A rusted car that you can't tear down
caught myself in a lie, kept it going, your undone face
haven't weathered enough, coat so strong, only in my eyes