BAILE - Follow (feat. Ellyn Woods) (artwork faeton music)

BAILE – Follow (feat. Ellyn Woods)

Fresh song by BAILE

Artist about the track:

Follow was an instrumental that I had lying around for a few years now. Its a simple track consisting of a couple layers of pads, some sampled piano and an 808 bass sitting atop some heavy-hitting percussion. When I linked up with Ellyn Woods, her tone and style seemed like a perfect fit for the song. She laid down a first round of vocals on the song which actually caused me to cut some of her vocals up and sample them, while simultaneously rearranging the song. I then sent the rearranged track back to her and she did a second round of vocals which became the final ones.


without faith there is no hope
just trying to find my way home 
the future always unknown 
looking for which way to go 
all we can ever know 
until we're old and we've grown 
anywhere you want to go 
I'll follow - I'll follow you
in the calm of night 
is where I try to find 
all the reasons I