asia - cold sweat (artwork faeton music)

asia – cold sweat

Beautiful and easy to listen song by asia

Artist about the track:

“Cold Sweat is a song about melancholy. I wrote it over the summer, finishing it in September, right after my friends left for college in different cities or countries.All those summer memories became violent, they were the constant reminder of what i had lost, a blessed time that i could never get back.” – asia


With cold sweats and a headache
My fevered knees, barely standing on my feet
The small talk, a quick fix
The back room, still so much on my mind

But if I think about I'll crash
If I dream about it I'll die

With empty bottles on the tables
My life passing by, no control
Reaching for a hand that is not here
And I tried to stay humble
Hiding my face when it crumbles
I don't know how

If I think about it I'll crash
If I dream about it I'll die