Ardra - To Walk with Fire (artwork faeton music)

Ardra – To Walk with Fire

Heavy and powerful song by Ardra

Artist about the track:

The song went through a handful of changes when it was first written, hence the variety of different sounds drawn in it. From one end of the song you have this Morbid Angel and Glass Casket death metal element and the other end it’s a Misery Signals-Norma Jean hodge podge of melodies and breakdowns. When Ardra write songs like this we try to address everyone’s influences and what comes out are these melodic deathcore tunes. Like if Suffocation performed Souls to Deny, but with eyeliner and skinny jeans or something.

When the lyrics for “To Walk With Fire” were written, Kenneth Draper (vocalist) was at a low point. His relationship had failed, he was evicted from his home, and he had lost my job. His world was dissolving in my hands. He sold my truck to alleviate debt. Had his dog died, this would be a country song. All of his anger was focused on one person. He didn’t want to feel that or think of her anymore. He wanted to move on, or maybe forgive. Or he just wanted all of it to become ashes in history one way or another.


Sink into the sludge, my tissues dissolve
An exterior to the truth
Melting away the macabre
Wash away this toxic ugliness
Will I revert or evolve
Crawling, scratching, rising
In the new flesh
I stand, no longer hiding
More vindicated with every breath
I will revert or evolve
I will turn my back to let her burn
For I now walk with fire
Watching the flames embrace her
As she screams I stand above
Taken away in the wind that follows
Her fading resonance left to slowly rust
With no scraps to scavenge
She will not be eaten by the same worms
I will revert or evolve
I will turn my back...
Blackened, brittle, hollow
Liberation flourished within the flames
Extracted and extruded, the skeleton remains
Set free the ashen hatred in a cloud of dust