Akinetopsia - Swirling Vortex of Entropy (artwork faeton music)

Akinetopsia – Swirling Vortex of Entropy

Incredibly heavy track by Akinetopsia

Artist about the track:

Swirling Vortex of Entropy is the single that represents Akinetopsia’s amalgam of brutality and passion and gives a taste of the album to come later this year.


Then all that I feared became reality
All that I didn’t follow became my life
Just when everything seemed fine, the sun rays ended
And now I’m here in the dark room
Staring at the abyss
So mad, trying to be right
So lazy, trying to shake off the dust
Walking aimlessly in the rain trying to become mud
Let me try to be wrong
It doesn’t matter how much I tried to heal, now they’re sick
The courageous ones, now put me down
Search in the light for your soul they say
But I cannot feel this in the obscurity
It seems that I understand something, or maybe not
I understand that the darkness sometimes embraces us
It is time to call the dogs off
Tired of running (hit me in the face once more)
How would I know my destiny?
One day my plans will survive
One day when my mind explodes
Then what you wanted for yourself is now mine
And what you wanted well is now blind
So mad, feel the hate
We still have years to wait
I will prosper in the pile of dirt
Hidden under a new skin
Pretending something that will never be
And nothing will prosper
A kind of vortex, swirling, entropy