Adam Bauer - Healing Song (artwork faeton music)

Adam Bauer – Healing Song

Amazing composition by Adam Bauer

Artist about the track:

The seven-minute track (short in the Kirtan world!) “Healing Song” is a beautiful paean to the healing process that Adam has undergone in the last year as his father, Edward Bauer, and beloved teacher (and Maharaj-ji guru brother) Ram Dass, both left their bodies in late 2019. “Healing Song,” with lyrics in English and Sanskrit, unfolds as a prayer of affirmation, a timeless reminder of the reality of truth, consciousness and bliss even during challenging times. Players on “Healing Song” include Grammy nominated classical cellist Joel Cohen, and Ali Akbar College of Music ED Steve Oda.


I am healing, I am healing I am healed
I am safe and peaceful in my body (x2)
The outside world, heartbreaking as it feels
Is the perfect place I’m meant to be (x2)

Hari Om Tat Sat Satchidananda (x4)

I am happy I am seen and I am known
Everywhere I go I feel at home (x2)
I am blissful I am conscious I am true
Love is the essence of my Nature (x2)

Hari Om Tat Sat Satchidananda

Guidance and protection is my daily bread
Seva is the path I walk along (x2)
Every day I’m blessed to be alive
Bowing humbly to the Cosmos (x2)

Hari Om Tat Sat Satchidananda