aboynamedblu - building a boat (artwork faeton music)

aboynamedblu – building a boat

Very calm song by aboynamedblu

Artist about the track:

The song is about the death of my manager. It’s the longing to build a boat and escape the bereavement of losing someone I loved.


Verse 1:
I’m building a boat out of sticks on the ground
Just to see where it decides to go
I see you
It’s hard to accept that we only have now
When I know
That I feel you
It’d be easier, If I didn’t have to
It’d be easier, If I didn’t have you

It can’t be undone
The deeper it cuts
And when I came close
The skies seemed to know
Maybe its me
Believing I’m free
Just to find out
I can’t swim the river
Without you

Verse 2:
Lower I go again
I’m in the ocean
Over the notion
That you didn’t notice
Look at the tide you brought in
And all the waves you’re evoking
Did more than I could last time
But I guess you weren’t open

I can’t swim in the river
Without you