Bivienni – mywristsarewarm​/​/ (2017)

Hi there! After a long pause I want to say to yall we are not dead 🙂 Here is new release from Bivienni. Push your volume up and enjoy it! Bivienni — cloud rap / hip-hop / experimental / underground music artist from Indianapolis, US. Previous posts of Bivienni:...

DJ NIZZY NICK — ウルトラEspairecendo flip サンプル 音楽 week 102 (2016)

Hey folks! Someone of you, guys, loves cloud rap and some experimental hip-hop stuff i guess. If it’s right, then you should be satisfied. Enjoy. DJ NIZZY NICK — cloud rap / experimental / hip-hop / beats music producer from Teeswater, Ontario, Canada. DJ NIZZY NICK on the web:...

Saga Asad — Everything Is a Game (2014)

Hi everyone! Here is the great abstract hip-hop music artist. Saga Asad — hip-hop / experimental / abstract artist from Brooklyn (US). Check it out. Saga Asad on the web: Official tumblr. Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Twitter YouTube Favorite

MAUT — DTH (remixed by Ievgeniy Kozlov) 2014

Hey folks! New release from MAUT band and dj Ievgeniy Kozlov — DTH (remix). Also, you can download this EP for free following link: DOWNLOAD TRACK MAUT on the web: MAUT on facebook MAUT on vkontakte MAUT on youtube MAUT on bandcamp MAUT on Soundcloud MAUT on Twitter MAUT...