underground hip-hop

Inner Scepter - Sickest of the Simple (artwork faeton music)

Inner Scepter – Sickest of the Simple (2019)

Hello! I like a lot, when musicians not just making everything as cliche, but using some fresh approach and don’t afraid of experiments with mixing styles. Today we got a perfect example of good result of that kind of experiments. Good flow, not gerular “808 kick” beat with toms...

michum β€” In Times Below (2018)

Oh…I love it so much! Very atmospheric and psychedelic instrumental hip-hop. If you got some troubles, so, just push “play” and you will forget about all that shit πŸ™‚ Actually, if you’re not an instrumental hip-hop lover, then this is very good opportunity to fix it. Just relax πŸ™‚...

Bivienni – mywristsarewarm​/​/ (2017)

Hi there! After a long pause I want to say to yall we are not dead πŸ™‚ Here is new release from Bivienni. Push your volume up and enjoy it! Bivienni β€” cloud rap / hip-hop / experimental / underground music artist from Indianapolis, US. Previous posts of Bivienni:...

Play Fortune β€” West We Eat, We Feed (EP 2014)

YO! Some new stuff! Play Fortune β€” hip-hop / electronic / rap / underground hip-hop / instrumental hip-hop is Cory Wilson. He is a Hip-Hop and Electronic producer from Philadelphia, Pa. Play Fortune on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite