justindemus β€” Sunlight (2018)

Hello again. Sometimes I am thinking about some strange things…such as: what if someone will live his whole life in the dark and cold cave? Which thoughts will be in his head? Anyway, my room is a little bit similar to the dark cave, but I am not crazy...

biskuwi β€” Norse (2018)

Good morning πŸ™‚ How your day started? What can be better than good music in the spring morning? Right – nothing! So here we are to get one… We can complain on bad mood, bad dreams, bad boss or something else, but we’re often forgetting about one very important...

A Twin Thing β€” Misbehave (2018)

Good evening πŸ™‚ Does anybody goes to club today? No? Here is good piece of club music! So you can make your own club “with blackjack and hookers” πŸ™‚ Deep house is the best choice for sunday night. It’s not sad, it’s not fun…it’s just like the good deep...


Hi there! For a long time I was offline. But now it’s time to show you something new and interesting. Check out this experimental electronic masterpiece! Peace πŸ™‚ LIQUID SKULLS β€” ambient / drone / noise / psychedelic / shoegaze music artist from Little Rock, US. Previous posts about...

Richard XNDR β€” Poly (2016)

Hi. Here is a very interesting music artist from Berlin. Wish you all good evening. Richard XNDR β€” experimental / electronic / techno / postclub music artist from Berlin, Germany. Richard XNDR on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Instagram Favorite

MAbH β€” STRAIN​/​GALAXY (2015)

Hi there. One of my favourite musical genresΒ β€” ambient. Here is a good example of ambient music. It’s takes me somewhere out of my physical body (no I don’t going crazy, I just flying away without any dope). Enjoy πŸ™‚ MAbH β€” ambient / experimental / electronic music artist...

Feinman β€” Sweetworld 2 (2015)

Hello people. Are you ready? Really? Ok, let’s go πŸ˜‰ Feinman β€” experimental / electronic / techno and a bunch of many genres music producer from New York, US. Feinman on the web: House Pet Records on Facebook Bandcamp Favorite

Andrew Beresford β€” IDRB​/​EP (2015)

Good evening. A little bit of crazy techno beats from Australia. Be careful, this stuff may blow your brain πŸ™‚ Enjoy. Andrew Beresford β€” electronic / techno / experimental music producer from Melbourne, Australia. Andrew Beresford on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Alphane Reality Generator β€” Nature of My Circuitry

Hi. Today you have an opportunity to listen a bit of experimental rock music. This music is directly from hell πŸ™‚ Alphane Reality Generator β€” blues rock / experimental / lo-fi music artist from West Chester, (US). Alphane Reality Generator on the web: Bandcamp LastFM Favorite

Faeton β€” DJ MAG Next Generation Competition Mix

Hey! Techno mix from Faeton is here. This mix is for competition. I need to get more than 50 listens of this mix, to participate the competition (. So here is two in one β€” you listen quality techno mix and I get the chance to participate contest πŸ™‚...