technical death metal

Oceanis - The Universal Constant (artwork faeton music)

Oceanis – The Universal Constant (2020)

Hey guys! As usual, excuse me for the gap in between the fresh music…but sometimes it happens. Anyways, I am here, and it means that the fresh stuff is here as well 😉 I want you all to feel that I am back, so I will start with pretty...
Infected Dead - The Rache (artwork faeton music)

Infected Dead – The Rache (2019)

Hey, hey! Metal music is my passion for all time, but it rarely appears here, unfortunately. Today is one of those rare days when death metal is in the house 🙂 If you don’t like metal music, you can close this tab and that’s all. But if you are,...

Benighted — Carnivore Sublime (2014)

Are you ready? Please welcome — Benighted! This death metal band was formed in France, in 1998. The wall of sound falls on my head when I listen this album. Absolutely amazing vocals (from drive voice to pig squeal and growling), incredible guitar riffs and very technical rhythm section!...