Staat Van Genade - Stenen Deze Meirgend (artwork faeton music)

Staat Van Genade – Stenen Deze Meirgend (2020)

Good evening. One more track for today. Probably, not the best choice for Monday morning, but it’s here, and it’s good! Let’s start this week together 🙂 Here is Staat Van Genade — stoner metal / psychedelic music project from Mechelen, Belgium, and the song “Stenen Deze Meirgend”. From...
Green Fiend - Stonedly We Rot (artwork faeton music)

Green Fiend – Stonedly We Rot (2020)

Good evening, guys! I hope you’re not sleeping if you’re reading this… I hope so because now your bedtime will transform into moshpit time 😉 Let’s fucking go! Here is “Green fiend” – death metal / stoner metal band from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, and their fresh song...
Warp & Weft - Meat and Sweet Potatoes (artwork faeton music)

Warp & Weft – Meat and Sweet Potatoes (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Sometimes I want to start the week with something heavy (surely, I mean music), you know, just to get some charge of energy. Usually, I am opening my metal playlist. But today I have something special…let’s go. Here is Warp & Weft – psychedelic / stoner...
Phase Patterns - Phase One (artwork faeton music)

Phase Patterns – Phase One (2019)

Hello! We’re in the middle of the week, so somebody still can’t figure out what is going on here, but somebody already living in the future (I mean friday evening for sure). Here is the track for those of you, who still can’t figure out 🙂 Well, just kidding!...

Balymba – Balymba Slip (2017)

Hi there! Today I want you all to listen this band from my hometown (Ivano-Frankivsk). These guys are not just a regular musicians, but musical warriors, that preach their own religion. They are vikings and they already on the road to seize the world! Balymba — black’n’roll / viking...

Truckfighters — Universe (2014)

From the first to the last song in this album I don’t wanted to change the music. Original voice and massive guitar sound make their music like “BOOM” in my head! Check it! Truckfighters on the web: Official site Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Favorite