2 For The Road - Flowing (artwork faeton music)

2 For The Road – Flowing (2022)

Hi. Autumn continuing and I am trying to post something fitting for the current vibe. Today here is 2 For The Road β€” an indie-folk / progressive music band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and their song “Flowing”. Let’s dive right in πŸ˜‰ My very first impression was: “Damn! It’s...
Dawning - Wading Heron (artwork faeton music)

Dawning – Wading Heron (2022)

Hello, guys! While fucking russian naZis bombing civilian Ukrainians, I am trying to do something. At least, to share fresh good music from around the world with all of you. Today here is Dawning β€” slowcore / shoegaze music band from USA / Germany, and their fresh song “Wading...
Keener Family - Holiday (artwork faeton music)

Keener Family – Holiday (2022)

Hello, guys! Since the russian invasion began, my life (and actually life of every Ukrainian) has been changed dramatically. While our brave warriors standing in defense of Ukraine and democracy in general, I am trying to write something and share music with all of you. Well, maybe it’s a...
Ismena - This World Will Break Your Heart (artwork faeton music)

Ismena – This World Will Break Your Heart (2021)

Hello, guys! This autumn in my city started from pretty cold nights. Even though I like nighttime much more than days…this kind of weather makes me feel a bit sad. And today’s song perfectly fits this mood. Let’s check it! First of all, I have one very close and...
Lore City - Participation Mystique

Lore City – I Am the One (2021)

Hello, everyone! Some time ago I had the honor to open for you all and myself one amazing psychedelic / art rock music project called Lore City. Today I’m back with their fresh song entitled “I Am the One”, the second single from Lore City’s upcoming album, Participation Mystique,...
Train Conductor - liquid lake (artwork faeton music)

Train Conductor – liquid lake (2021)

Good morning πŸ™‚ Sometimes I am looking for something monotone and hypnotic, but not ambient. You know, that kind of music when you can just listen to it on repeat seamlessly. Today’s track is a perfect representative of this kind of music. Open your mind and let’s check it!...