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Mind Prisoner - Garden of Bones (artwork faeton music)

Mind Prisoner – Garden of Bones (2023)

Hi guys! Hope your are doing well. Even though today is a Valentine’s day…day of love and lovers, I have something heavy and dark for you. Here is Mind Prisoner — sludge / black metal band from Portland, US, with the song “Garden of Bones”. Let’s dive right in!...
Akinetopsia - Swirling Vortex of Entropy (artwork faeton music)

Akinetopsia – Swirling Vortex of Entropy (2022)

Hello, friends (especially metalheads). As you can see, today here is heavy stuff. Akinetopsia — brutal death metal band from São Paulo, Brazil, and their fresh song called “Swirling Vortex of Entropy”. Ukraine is still in WAR that has been started by russia. Air raid sirens, fear, apathy…everything is...
Ismena - This World Will Break Your Heart (artwork faeton music)

Ismena – This World Will Break Your Heart (2021)

Hello, guys! This autumn in my city started from pretty cold nights. Even though I like nighttime much more than days…this kind of weather makes me feel a bit sad. And today’s song perfectly fits this mood. Let’s check it! First of all, I have one very close and...
Hoof - Bloodlust (artwork faeton music)

Hoof – Bloodlust (2021)

Good morning, metal music lovers! Yes, today here is one more amazing metal track. This time it’s Hoof — death metal band from Melbourne Australia, and their song “Bloodlust”. Let’s dive right into it! It’s absolutely crazy mix of death metal, progressive metal, technical death, brutal death, and, probably,...
Train Conductor - liquid lake (artwork faeton music)

Train Conductor – liquid lake (2021)

Good morning 🙂 Sometimes I am looking for something monotone and hypnotic, but not ambient. You know, that kind of music when you can just listen to it on repeat seamlessly. Today’s track is a perfect representative of this kind of music. Open your mind and let’s check it!...
Defamed - Aeon (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Aeon (2020)

Hey! Did you miss heavy stuff? Then you’re in the right place! I’ve got a bit of heaviness for you, my friends 🙂 Let’s check it out! First of all, here is Defamed — deathcore / djent band from Milan, Italy. Actually, this song is a crazy mix of...