noteaf - Мало (feat. MURRA) (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Мало (feat. MURRA) (2021)

Hey guys! The song “Мало” is a spontaneous collaboration of me (Yurii Popov a.k.a. noteaf) and my friend Mariana Zhdaniuk a.k.a. MURRA. It’s kinda mix of chillhop, lo-fi hip-hop, r’n’b, and neo-soul music. Gentle, sad, slightly melancholic, but still warm track with an amazing vocal line and Ukrainian lyrics....
Family Junket - Lulu's Lullaby (artwork faeton music)

Family Junket – Lulu’s Lullaby (2021)

Hello, my friends! Usually, I am not attracted to r&b music. But today is a pretty special case. From the very first seconds of the song, I’ve realized that this one should be on my blog. And, obviously, it’s here now. Let’s check it! Probably, this is the most...
ANDRÆ - I don't fall, I crash (artwork faeton music)

ANDRÆ – I don’t fall I crash (2020)

Hello, guys! Yesterday was crazy day for me 🙂 I’ve made a lot of things…even those I hadn’t planned to do. My head was like a chewed lemon. Anyways, I am alive and I am here again. Such a Phoenix! Today here is ANDRÆ – indie electronic / downtempo...
Fallen Roses - Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins) (artwork faeton music)

Fallen Roses – Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins) (2019)

Hi there 🙂 It’s Friday again. I don’t know why, but I like Fridays. Even considering that I do not work on a regular work for a long time now (I am a freelancer), but when it’s Friday, I feel some pleasant vibes in the air (especially when new...
Arlo Parks - Sophie (artwork faeton music)

Arlo Parks – Sophie (2019)

Hi there! I can’t even catch how fast days gone by! It’s like: “Mond…saturday”. My mom always told me in my childhood: “As older we become, as faster time is running!”. I’ve posted this artist before (check out links below), and today I am doing it again 🙂 Here...
De Rien - Cali (artwork faeton music)

De Rien – Cali (2019)

Hello! Today I’d like to represent to you one more amazing track by an amazing music producer from Cologne, Germany – De Rien. Track is called “Cali” (as you can see in a headline 🙂 “Cali” was constructed with intentional levity, enhanced by smooth synth chords. A certain easiness...