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Lyhre - Parasite (artwork faeton music)

Lyhre – Parasite (2022)

Hello. I have a few artists-veterans on my blog. Today here is one of them. Lyhre — experimental / electronic music artist from Berlin, Germany, and her fresh song entitled “Parasite”. Will try to say something about it. Let’s go. First of all, maybe I am not fully objective...
Inude - Noisy Floor, Silent Room (artwork faeton music)

Inude – Noisy Floor, Silent Room (2021)

Hello! I don’t know why, but I am still thinking about summer…even though it’s far away in the past now, and even way much far in the future. But the mood is kinda nostalgic today. If you feel in the same way, then I have a great soundtrack for...
Lyhre - sad cyborg (artwork faeton music)

Lyhre – gently brutal (2020)

Hello guys! How you all doing? The winter has finally occupied the city, and I am looking for some calm music for this period of time. Luckily, I have the honor to know Lyhre. So today here is Lyhre again, with her fresh track entitled “gently brutal”. This time...
MITYA - Close My Eyes (official video) faeton music

MITYA – Close My Eyes (official video) (2020)

Hey guys! Some time ago I posted here one very interesting track called “Close My Eyes” by Mitya — indie music artist from Kazan, Russia. Well, today he dropped the video for this song! This music video is just wonderful in my opinion. Strongly recommend you to check it...
Zane Coppard - No Best Life (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – No Best Life (2020)

Good morning 🙂 It’s Friday again…how? My grandma was absolutely right when told me that time is a relative thing. It’s loooong and sometimes even torturously for kids, but incredibly fast and elusively for adult people. Anyways, I am here, so, let’s check out the fresh music! Here is...
MITYA - Close My Eyes (artwork faeton music)

MITYA – Close My Eyes (2020)

Morning, guys 🙂 What a beautiful day isn’t it? And I am about to make it way much better right now! Let’s dive into it! Today I am proud to represent to you MITYA – a psychedelic pop artist from Kazan, Russia. His track “Close My Eyes” off his...

Captain Kidd — BLEED (2018)

It’s me again. And here is one more smooth electronic music track. Beautiful male voice get the listener to the trip thru his mind…I love it. Enjoy 🙂 Captain Kidd — psychedelic / pop / electronic music project from Cleveland, US. Captain Kidd on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud...

BAKERY — We Sea (2016)

Hello folks! I am addicted to this track 🙂 Check this out. BAKERY — psych / trip / blues – hop band from Berlin, Germany. BAKERY on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Vimeo Instagram Favorite

Koala Bear — Thrown Into The Monster Pit (2015)

Good evening. My offer is to check out this music 😉 Koala Bear — electronic / indie / psychedelic music project from Phoenix, US. Koala Bear on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Jeremy Mage and The Magi — Jeremy Mage and The Magi (2014)

I don’t know, what to say. Open your mind and listen Jeremy Mage and The Magi — electronic soul / downtempo / psychedelic / trip hop music artist from Brooklyn (US). Jeremy Mage and The Magi on the web: Official site Facebook Bandcamp Twitter iTunes Favorite