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ENSHROUD - Open Vein (artwork farton music)

ENSHROUD – Open Vein (2020)

Hey guys! Around two weeks ago I posted one pretty heavy and interesting song by ENSHROUD, and here we go again! One more great and massive single by this band – “Open Vein”. Let’s check it together! Okay, since I’ve said everything that I think about the band in...
Science of Demise - Seeing Air (artwork faeton music)

Science of Demise – Seeing Air (2020)

Good morning 🙂 It’s easter in Ukraine, and I suppose that this is not the best choice to listen to music like this (but it’s only for people who believe in god probably). But I am here not to make sermon to you, but to share good music. So,...
Ardra - To Walk with Fire (artwork faeton music)

Ardra – To Walk with Fire (2020)

Good morning. For a long time, there was no good metal stuff on Faeton Music. So, I am here to fix it 🙂 Here is Ardra – death metal band from San Jose, California, and their song “To Walk with Fire”, from their debut album “Unto Leviathan”. Everything sounds...
ENSHROUD - Shattered Inside (artwork faeton music)

ENSHROUD – Shattered Inside (2020)

Hello! Metal music is rarely appearing on my blog (unfortunately). But sometimes I am getting wonderful pieces of metal music. Today is one of those cases. Let’s check it! ENSHROUD – death metal / groove metal band from Ireland. Here is their track “Shattered Inside”. Well, maybe it’s a...