pop synth

Millie and Jam β€” Shot In The Dark (2015)

Hello guys! Sunday is a perfect day to listen something like this. Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚ Millie and Jam β€” electronic / disco / pop music artist from Detroit, United States. Millie and Jam on the web: Official site Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Twitter YouTube Instagram tumblr. Favorite

Pelts β€” Stand Behind The Rope (single 2015)

Hi people! A bit of disturbing music in the air πŸ™‚ I like this monotonic music pulse. Pelts β€” electronic / ebm / industrial / synthpunk music artist from Los Angeles, USA. Pelts on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Instagram Twitter Favorite


Hello! Just found this album. This is their debute. Hope you`ld like it! BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA β€” electronic / pop / synthpop husband-and-wife DIY electronic duo of Brigitte Sutherland from Hobart, Tasmania and Chris Blackburn from Glasgow.country. Current location Brighton, UK. BATTERY OPERATED ORCHESTRA on the web: Facebook Official...