Zander Bleck - Forget You (artwork faeton music)

Zander Bleck – Forget You (2019)

Hi there 🙂 New day – new music! With these words you should start your day and, surely, visit Faeton Music, to find something fresh for your ears and brain. Let’s go! This track came to my hands via instagram, which is not regular thing for me tbh. Anyway,...
Luke Janela - Take a Sudden Turn (artwork faeton music)

Luke Janela – Take a Sudden Turn (2019)

Good morning! Brand new day with a brand new music 🙂 This time it’s some magical mix of almost everything I love in music. Tbh, I don’t even know, how it happened, but really, in this song I hear tonns of incredible music (and I don’t mean that this...
Jacko Hooper - Sidelines (artwork faeton music)

Jacko Hooper – Sidelines (2019)

Hi there! This song is slightly sad, but I can’t just pass by, because this is really beautiful. By the way, this artist was posted here before (check out the link below). Enjoy. Previous posts: Jacko Hooper – All I Deserve, Is Not You Facebook Soundcloud Spotify Instagram Youtube...