Emika - Sleep In The Day (artwork faeton music)

Emika – Sleep In The Day (2020)

Hi again, folks! My brain is pretty weird thing, in the morning, or during the day I want to listen to some progressive death metal for example. Fast, heavy, technically difficult, with unregular time signatures, tempo changes, etc. But then evening comes out and I am turning on some...

OSKAR SCHUSTER & CYPIX — Fjarlægur (single 2015)

Hello! Such sunny day is here and music too. Oskar Schuster — ambient / piano / chill / instrumental / electronic / neoclassical is a music artist from Berlin, Germany. Cypix — electronic / chill / experimental / ambient is a 15 year old producer / electronic artist from...

Julien Marchal — music lighter than air.

Hey guys! I want you to think about something important. Julien Marchal — musician / composer from France (neo-classical). I love his music. Gentle sounds of piano and cello takes my heart. Check this out, it’s something wonderful! Julien Marchal on the web: Official site Facebook YouTube Favorite