Memory Cult - Pityful (artwork faeton music)

Memory Cult – Pityful (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Memory Cult – indie / experimental / electronic music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Today here is his latest track “Pityful”. First of all – it’s amazing! I’m in love with this voice and electronic arrangement. Totally beautiful. I like the way voice sounds in...
Heroarky - Magnolia (artwork faeton music)

Heroarky – Magnolia (2019)

Hi there! Some time ago I posted this producer here and today I am excited to post fresh track by him. You can check it following lonk below the text. As you know (or if you don’t know), I don’t like to describe the music and type a lot...
Tomas Novoa - Cienaga (artwork faeton music)

Tomás Novoa – Cienaga (2019)

Good morning 🙂 As usual, after a weekend we all need some time to make step into the new work week and here I am with the great track, which will slowly move you into it. Tomás Novoa – Chile based electronic music producer. This track sounds transparent and...
drainabyte - lost at sea (artwork faeton music)

drainabyte – lost at sea (2019)

Hello, my dears! Today I will ask you to prepare your ears for something extraordinary. Here is an artist from Milan, Italy. His name is Andrea, but he working under pseudonym drainabyte. And today I will represent to you track called “lost at sea”. A lot of genres are...
Heroarky - Psych (artwork faeton music)

Heroarky – Psych (2019)

Hey folks! Don’t you think that people screwing up their lives with their own hands? They’re always searching for the problems, even when there’s not any problems. They’re don’t want to believe in good things. But just try to look around, there is many beautiful things (starting from grass...

Jesse Woolston — µstructure (2018)

Hi there! It’s cloudy sunday and I want to be in the same vibrance as the world around me. When I am listening to this track, my inner fears trying to catch me, but I am not available in their dimansion and they just flying around me hoping to...


Hi there. One of my favourite musical genres — ambient. Here is a good example of ambient music. It’s takes me somewhere out of my physical body (no I don’t going crazy, I just flying away without any dope). Enjoy 🙂 MAbH — ambient / experimental / electronic music artist...

Buzz Kull — Nausea (2015)

Hi there! I’ve got the energy with this track. Hope you too. Enjoy 🙂 Buzz Kull — post punk / darkwave / alternative music band from Sydney, Australia. Buzz Kull on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Instagram Songkick Favorite

lunokhod — Breakdown (2015)

Good evening. Great release, from great musicians. Check it out! Older posts about lunokhod: LUNOKHOD — HUNDRED YEARS (2015) lunokhod — electronic / minimal / idm music artist from Liège, Belgium. lunokhod on the web: Facebook tumblr. Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Twitter Favorite