Iris Of The Black Sun - He Who Breaks The Earth (artwork faeton music)

Iris Of The Black Sun – He Who Breaks The Earth (2022)

Hello, friends! One more day of the new dark reality. One more dark and incredibly heavy metal song. Today here is Iris Of The Black Sun — industrial / death metal music project of Jason Pather from New Zealand, and the song “He Who Breaks The Earth”. Let’s check...
Infested Angel - Harmony of Drought (artwork faeton music)

Infested Angel – Harmony of Drought (2022)

Hi, friends! Today I am here with some massive metal stuff (especially for old-school death / black metal fans). This track perfectly reflects my inner vibe during this wartime. Here is Infested Angel — death metal / black metal band from Birmingham, UK, and their fresh song entitled “Harmony...
Akinetopsia - Swirling Vortex of Entropy (artwork faeton music)

Akinetopsia – Swirling Vortex of Entropy (2022)

Hello, friends (especially metalheads). As you can see, today here is heavy stuff. Akinetopsia — brutal death metal band from São Paulo, Brazil, and their fresh song called “Swirling Vortex of Entropy”. Ukraine is still in WAR that has been started by russia. Air raid sirens, fear, apathy…everything is...
Unmother - Corridor of Marrow (artwork faeton music)

Unmother – Corridor of Marrow (2021)

Hi guys! If some of you don’t like noisy, fast, and dark black metal music, then I strongly recommend to leave this page immediately. For all other — welcome to the dark side of music 🙂 Here is Unmother — post / black metal band from London, UK, and...
Bodybag Garibaldi - Margot Robbie (artwork faeton music)

Bodybag Garibaldi – Margot Robbie (2021)

Hey guys! Today is a good day for metal music lovers 🙂 Sometimes we all need something heavy and crazy, right? Well, I have something for you! Here is Bodybag Garibaldi — One-man death / grind band from Brazil based in Helsinki, Finland, and the track “Margot Robbie”. Let’s...