Mind Prisoner - Garden of Bones (artwork faeton music)

Mind Prisoner – Garden of Bones (2023)

Hi guys! Hope your are doing well. Even though today is a Valentine’s day…day of love and lovers, I have something heavy and dark for you. Here is Mind Prisoner — sludge / black metal band from Portland, US, with the song “Garden of Bones”. Let’s dive right in!...
Simulation Defect - Organic Ancestor Simulator (artwork faeton music)

Simulation Defect – Organic Ancestor Simulator (2022)

Hi guys! The fucking terrorist state named “russia” continues to terrorize civilian Ukrainians and our energy system…most of the time we’re with no electricity here. But good fresh music should be posted in any case. That’s why I am here now 🙂 Today here is the track “Organic Ancestor...
Renatus - Wanderer (Feat. Levi Benton) (artwork faeton music)

Renatus – Wanderer (Feat. Levi Benton) (2022)

Hello, my friends! Today is the day for metalheads out there 🙂 Here is Renatus — a death metal band from Waxahachie, TX, US, and their song “Wanderer” (feat. Levi Benton). Let’s check this craziness out! First of all, this is absolutely incredible stuff! It’s kinda mix of death,...
Cult Burial - Strive (artwork faeton music)

Cult Burial – Strive (2022)

Hello, friends! From one side, I like to post bands/artists that are already on the blog. But on the other hand, it’s pretty hard to say something new about the. I mean, if they’re here, then I like their music and they are good. Anyways, today here is Cult...