metal punk

GraveSpitter - Learning Ignorance (artwork faeton music)

GraveSpitter – Learning Ignorance (2021)

Hello, guys! Do you want some energy? Here you go! 🙂 Today here is pretty short, but incredibly powerful hardcore / sludge track “Learning Ignorance” by GraveSpitter. band from Philadelphia, US. First of all, I’d like to say that this song sounds like a soundtrack to kill somebody (for...
Abandoncy - Nashville Hot (artwork faeton music)

Abandoncy – Nashville Hot (2020)

Good morning 🙂 My musical taste is very unpredictable thing…it’s too varied to be sure, what exactly I like to listen to. Sometimes it’s just surprising me! Here is Abandoncy — post-hardcore band from Kansas City, United States, and the song “Nashville Hot”. To be honest I am not...

Reproacher — Nothing To Save (2013)

Reproacher — chaotic / hardcore / punk, sludge / metal band from Wyoming (US). This guys really can kick your ass! Dirty sound, ultra-heavy guitars, powerful vocals and fast drums makes this album dangerous like TNT. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves metal! Reproacher on the web: Official...