58918012 - The Land (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – The Land (2021)

Hey guys! I am pretty excited to represent to you my new EP entitled “The Land” 🙂 This three-track EP is a cocktail of ethnic music of different cultures that passed through the neurons of my brain, electronic music, and ambient music. I’ve tried to write this music as...
58918012 - Signals (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Signals (2021)

Hey guys! The spring is here. Nature starting to wake up. For the last few months, I worked hard on my new album, and finally, it’s here! I am pretty excited to represent to all of you my new full-length album entitled “Signals”. In this release, I used a...
Paul Livingstone - Beatitude (feat. Pankaj Mishra) (artwork faeton music)

Paul Livingstone – Beatitude (feat. Pankaj Mishra) (2020)

Hello! I am back with fresh music for you! Let’s check this out 🙂 Here is Paul Livingstone — an ethnic / world music artist from Los Angeles, US, with his collaborative track “Beatitude” feat. Pankaj Mishra. Usually, I am not really into Indian traditional music…but this time it...
Lemonship - BC33 (artwork faeton music)

Lemonship – BC33 (2020)

Good morning. Sometimes my brain wants something…spicy. I mean, spicy in musical meaning. Today is one of those days. I just feel that I need to post something special today. Let’s check it 😉 Here is Lemonship — experimental / jazz music trio from Portland, Oregon, and their track...
Filip Holm - On The Supreme Identity (artwork faeton music)

Filip Holm – On The Supreme Identity (2020)

Hello, my friends! It’s Friday again…this summer is incredibly fast as for me. But I always can freeze the time while listening to music. Today here is one of those tracks which will freeze it for you. Let’s check it! Here is Filip Holm — multi-instrumentalist from Sweden, and...
Warp & Weft - Meat and Sweet Potatoes (artwork faeton music)

Warp & Weft – Meat and Sweet Potatoes (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Sometimes I want to start the week with something heavy (surely, I mean music), you know, just to get some charge of energy. Usually, I am opening my metal playlist. But today I have something special…let’s go. Here is Warp & Weft – psychedelic / stoner...
Lisofv - Snowing With Darkness (artwork faeton music)

Lisofv – Snowing With Darkness

Hello! Today I’ve got a gig with my band “nug” at Lviv. We’re not often playing live shows, so I am a little bit nervous. Anyways, I have something that helps me to calm down… Yep, this is Lisofv with fresh track entitled “Snowing With Darkness”. If you still...
sleep trip logo

Sleep trip music channel

Hello! Yes, yes, you all know how much I love ambient music 🙂 So, I started new channel, dedicated specifically to ambient music. Go ahead and subscribe and enjoy perfect ambient music 🙂 Have a nice day 😉 Favorite
FLOCKS - CNX (artwork faeton music)

FLOCKS – CNX (2019)

Good morning! It’s time for interesting music 🙂 Since I am a musician, I am creating the music with m band. And one of the most interesting parts of creation is the final part, when we are working on detailing (some little pauses, accents, harmony changes, rhytmical modulations). Based...
Trio 22 - Smile (artwork faeton music)

Trio 22 – Smile (2019)

Good morning 🙂 Maybe it’s strange, but today here is jazz music again! Yeah, it’s not often on my blog, but this is combo – second instrumental jazz trio in a few days! Let me introduce this band. Trio 22 – melodic jazz / contemporary jazz band from Germany....