noteaf - Shift (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Shift (2023)

Hi guys! My new track “Shift” is a guitar improvisation on top of lofi hip-hop beat. Originally, I am a guitar player, so, track like this one was only a questions of time so to say 🙂 Anyways, in my opinion it sounds wonderful. The melody is pretty light...
58918012 - Something From The Past (faeton music artwork)

58918012 – Something From The Past (2023)

Hello. This new album is literally made of my memories, that’s why I named it “Something From The Past”. Some time ago I found my ancient demos/tracks on my parent’s PC, listened to them, and figured out that I want to refresh them and give them a new life....
noteaf - Leaves (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Leaves (2022)

Hi, guys! The last track of my autumn trilogy here. This composition is the saddest one. But this light melancholy will bring you some positive vibes for sure. Nice and catchy xylophone melody + atmospheric lofi arrangement. Check it out! Stand with Ukraine! Peace. Previous posts: noteaf feat. Fenixprod...
noteaf feat. Fenixprod - See You Next Time (artwork faeton music)

noteaf feat. Fenixprod – See You Next Time (2022)

Hi guys! The fresh sweet and warm lofi beat is called “See You Next Time”, is out now! It’s my collaborative work with the Lithuanian producer Fenixprod. It’s just a very nice beat with nice atmosphere and beautiful trumpet melody. I don’t know what more can I say about...
noteaf - Sunny (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Sunny (2022)

Hey-hey! Here is the second autumn track entitled “Sunny”. This one is a bit lighter than the previous one. But the shades f autumn are a bit more intense here. This one released via Syntes Records as well. Thank you for listening
noteaf - Understanding (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Understanding (2022)

Hi again, my friends! The third (and the last at this point) release entitled “August” is finally here! This one is a bit sad and melancholic in general. Even though my birthday is in August, this month is a bit melancholic for me, always. So, this beat tape is...
noteaf - Portrait (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Portrait (2022)

What’s up, lofi music lovers? Traditionally I am here to share my fresh tune with all of you. It’s called “Portrait” btw and dedicated to one of the most important persons in my entire life, my beloved granny Musya. She is not here anymore…so, this one sounds a bit...
58918012 - Different Colors (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Different Colors (2022)

Hello, my friends from around the world! Once again I’d like to say that I didn’t even expect that my music may be released during the war in my country…russian invasion and aggression against Ukraine is a pure tragedy! My deepest condolences to all families that lost somebody during...
noteaf - Nap (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Nap (2022)

Hi, guys! One more time I am writing it and can’t believe that my country is at war. Since music is the only thing I know…I am just trying to write music as long as I can. Here is my fresh track. It’s called “Nap”. It sounds truly sleepy...
noteaf - Take It Easy (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Take It Easy (2022)

Hello, friends! The track “Take It Easy” is totally not fit the overall situation in Ukraine now. But like the previous one, it has been prepared for release much earlier than russia began the war against Ukraine. In any case, I hope this light and dreamy track will bring...