Lye Marlow - Blindsided (artwork faeton music)

Lye Marlow – Blindsided (2019)

Hello! In this track you can hear gentle female vocal with contrasting background by noisy industrial/electronic arrangement. It’s just a perfect stuff for my current mood tbh. Enjoy. Website Facebook Soudcloud Spotify Youtube Instagram Twitter Favorite

Hydra Transmitter – Electroacoustic Variations (2017)

Good evening. This one is perfect fit to my current mood. Hope you like it. Hydra Transmitter β€” electronic / experimental / industrial / noise music artist from Austria. Hydra Transmitter on the web: Bandcamp Favorite


Hi there! For a long time I was offline. But now it’s time to show you something new and interesting. Check out this experimental electronic masterpiece! Peace πŸ™‚ LIQUID SKULLS β€” ambient / drone / noise / psychedelic / shoegaze music artist from Little Rock, US. Previous posts about...

Skinny Downers β€” Kill Figures (2016)

Hello. Noisy industrial sounds directly from Germany to your ears πŸ™‚ Skinny Downers β€” dark wave / industrial / rock music project from Berlin / Waterford, Germany. Previous posts about Skinny Downers on FM blog: SKINNY DOWNERS β€” SLEEPER CELL (2014) SKINNY DOWNERS β€” OUT COMES THE KNIFE (2016)...

Skinny Downers β€” Out Comes the Knife (2016)

Hey, how are you? Our friends from Germany are released new track! It’s really good, check this out. Skinny Downers β€” alternative / dark wave / industrial music artist from Berlin / Waterford, Germany. This track is available for free download on Skinny Downers’s soundcloud page πŸ™‚ Previous posts...

Benji M β€” Maxima​/​Minima (2016)

Hi there! I’m glad to be here again πŸ™‚ And here is the new great piece of interesting music for all of you! Benji M β€” electronic / dub / industrial / nu-jazz music producer from New York, US. By the way, Benji M is one half of the...

Buzz Kull β€” Nausea (2015)

Hi there! I’ve got the energy with this track. Hope you too. Enjoy πŸ™‚ Buzz Kull β€” post punk / darkwave / alternative music band from Sydney, Australia. Buzz Kull on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Instagram Songkick Favorite


Hello. This music is very fucking sick, but I can’t stop listening it! It’s weird, but also attractive for me. Try it by yourself! πŸ™‚ STEPMOMMILFMOM β€” experimental / hip-hop / electronic / post rap / indistrial music artist from Midvale, US. STEPMOMMILFMOM on the web: Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube...

Alphane Reality Generator β€” Nature of My Circuitry

Hi. Today you have an opportunity to listen a bit of experimental rock music. This music is directly from hell πŸ™‚ Alphane Reality Generator β€” blues rock / experimental / lo-fi music artist from West Chester, (US). Alphane Reality Generator on the web: Bandcamp LastFM Favorite

Pelts β€” Stand Behind The Rope (single 2015)

Hi people! A bit of disturbing music in the air πŸ™‚ I like this monotonic music pulse. Pelts β€” electronic / ebm / industrial / synthpunk music artist from Los Angeles, USA. Pelts on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Instagram Twitter Favorite