Zaliza - Ritual (artwork faeton music)

Zaliza – Ritual (2019)

Good morning (or whatever you’ve got). While I listened to this release, first words that appear in my head was: “My goodness! This is fucking amazing! I love it!”. And it’s totally truth. Because I didn’t hear anything so good in this genre for a long time. But this…absolutely...
Joe Friend - Producer's Son (artwork faeton music)

Joe Friend – Producer’s Son (2019)

Hello. As “One Minute Silence” band sings: “…another day another dollar…”, I can say: “another day – another music” πŸ™‚ I am really enjoying to finding fresh good music, and I don’t understand, how people can live without it? What can I say about this stuff? I don’t even...
i shiver - low (artwork faeton music)

i shiver – low (2019)

Good morning world! One more day and one more beautiful song opened for me and you πŸ™‚ This is wonderful, isn’t it? Amazing sound of the acoustic guitar, maybe sometimes not very clean played, but this is so much natural and that wonderful voice…oh my god! Just an unbelievable...