Picnic Lightning - Over My Head (artwork faeton music)

Picnic Lightning – Over My Head (2020)

Hello, everybody! Saturday, Monday, Thursday…whatever. Days are already merged in one long day. Actually, I don’t even care about the day’s name for a long time now. So, let’s check what I’ve got for you πŸ˜‰ Here is Picnic Lightning – indie rock / alternative music band from Fort...
Board of Bandits - My Lovers Dream (artwork faeton music)

Board of Bandits – My Lovers Dream (2020)

Hey! Today I am honored to share with you one more beautiful song by “Board of Bandits” entitled “My Lovers Dream”. This one is incredibly soft and gentle, actually, like all other their songs. But in this one, I hear some shades of slowcore music, besides the acoustic /...
Native - It's Been A While (artwork faeton music)

Native – It’s Been A While (2020)

Hello, guys! ‘Cause of the quarantine and all that crazy stuff, I almost can’t feel that usual spring taste. But this song sounds like spring itself. It’s fresh, calm, and light as a warm spring wind! Today here is Native – indie / folk music artist from Switzerland, and...
Sam Nichol - jane (artwork faeton music)

Sam Nichol – jane (2020)

Hey guys! How are things going? πŸ™‚ Looks like the spring is finally took the throne and we can go out (at least to a balcony) without warm clothing. Nature started to wake up. The night air smells flowers. Wonderful time! Let me show you some more magic! Here...
Logan Prescott - How We Wanted (artwork faeton music)

Logan Prescott – How We Wanted (2020)

Good morning πŸ™‚ Although I don’t care about day’s name, Tuesday or Sunday…it doesn’t matter. But I still feel some light magic on Fridays. And today I will share with you pretty light song! Let’s move on! Here is Logan Prescott (indie pop musician based in Dallas, US), and...
Texture Like Sun - Back Home (artwork faeton music)

Texture Like Sun – Back Home (2020)

Hello, my friends! Today is a pretty special post for me. Let me explain why… In the far 2014, when I only started my blog with my friend Andrew, I posted here one amazing song called “Bottle”. I still remember that was one of the most impressive music openings...
mindchatter - scared to go home (artwork faeton music)

Mindchatter – scared to go home (2020)

Hey-hey! How you are guys doing? I don’t know how, but sometimes musicians make each track as a masterpiece. For example – Mindchatter. This guy was posted here for four times, and today is gonna be fifth πŸ™‚ This musician won my heart a long time ago, and I...
Tired Eyes Kingdom - Colombia (artwork faeton music)

Tired Eyes Kingdom – Colombia (2020)

Good morning πŸ™‚ Traditionally, I am here to open some fresh music to you. Honestly, this song hypnotized me. I can’t even type text…my brain is working slowly at this moment (I am totally in the music). Anyways, I will try. Here is Tired Eyes Kingdom – experimental /...
Larik - In Front Of My Eyes (artwork faeton music)

Larik – In Front Of My Eyes (2020)

Good Friday morning πŸ™‚ Music is one of the most mysterious things in the world I think. Sometimes you need to listen to the song a few times before it will touch your heart and get into the brain. Sometimes it’s happening right from the first time… Today here...
Sour Sync - Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (artwork faeton music)

Sour Sync – Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (2020)

Hello, guys! I have almost merged with my chair already… Beautiful spring outside, but I should (everybody actually) stay home. One good point here – I have an endless source of fresh music! And I am always trying to share some with you
Jon Santana x James Droll - Black Ivy (artwork faeton music)

Jon Santana – Black Ivy (feat. James Droll) (2020)

Hi! Another wonderful spring morning, and traditionally, one more beautiful track is here! Today here is a very beautiful and calm song “Black Ivy” by Jon Santana feat. James Droll. Both musicians are from Nashville, United States. In this composition beautiful literally everything! Starting from the voice and ending...
Wabisabi - Always (artwork faeton music)

Wabisabi – Always (2020)

Good morning πŸ˜‰ Sometimes I don’t want to listen to something too meaningful and thoughtful. Without deep lyrics…just light music to relax my brain. Here is a good example of this kind of music – Wabisabi (chillout / downtempo music artist from Tokyo, Japan) with the track “Always”. As...