Pale Eyes β€” Worth the Sorrow (2016)

Hi there! Here I am, with the new music for you πŸ™‚ Enjoy. Pale Eyes β€” experimental / indie pop / avant-pop music artist from Toronto, Canada. Pale Eyes on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp tumblr. Instagram YouTube Favorite

CDAD β€” Crazy (2016)

Hello people. Wow β€” that’s just one word, that I want to say, when I listen this track. It’s truly Crazy (in the best meaning of this word) πŸ™‚ CDAD β€” electronic / hip-hop / indie / dadstep music artist from Sydney, Australia. Previous posts about CDAD on fm...

Twin Haus β€” Nothing Lavish (2016)

Hi guys! So fu*king atmospheric and soft music… It’s very close to Radiohead, sometimes I even starting to forget that I listening another band πŸ™‚ These guys are great. Just listen. Twin Haus β€” psychedelic / noise / rock / alternative music band from Brisbane, Australia. Twin Haus on...

Palo SopraΓ±o β€” Blue Honey (2016)

Good evening everyone. Check out this soft album. Music to my ears πŸ™‚ Palo SopraΓ±o β€” experimental rock / indie / shoegaze music artist from Oregon, US. Listen full album on his soundcloud page (links are below). Palo SopraΓ±o on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Instagram YouTube Favorite

Chen Firsel β€” Sugarush ep (2015)

Good evening. A bit of good homemade music for you. Enjoy πŸ™‚ Chen Firsel β€” acoustic / folk / psychedelic singer/songwriter from Tel-aviv, Israel. Chen Firsel on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud YouTube Instagram Favorite

Ummagma β€” Frequency (2015)

Good evening. Do you know, what kind of music I like? Answer is very simple β€” good music πŸ™‚ Here is an example of good music. It’s from Ukraine, so I have another reason to be proud for Ukrainian music! Enjoy this work of art. Ummagma β€” dreampop /...

Commuted β€” All's Well That Ends Well (2015)

Hi. Noisy sounds of this album are hypnotizing me. Hope you like it πŸ™‚ Commuted (David Eatock) β€” post-punk / shoegaze / indie music artist from Toronto, Canada. Commuted on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Some Kind Of Illness β€” Some Kind of Illness (2015)

Hello. Here I am with the new interesting music πŸ™‚ Style reminds me Dakota Suite overall but it’s definitely different. Dear musicians, excuse me for the comparison (possibly you don’t like when someone compare your music with another bands). Anyway, this is a very strong album with its own...

Koala Bear β€” Thrown Into The Monster Pit (2015)

Good evening. My offer is to check out this music πŸ˜‰ Koala Bear β€” electronic / indie / psychedelic music project from Phoenix, US. Koala Bear on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Black Flowers Cafe β€” Mintaka ii (single 2015)

Howdy! Here I am with new stuff for your ears πŸ™‚ This time it will be band from Italy. Please welcome: Black Flowers Cafe β€” britpop / indie pop / alternative music band from Cosenza, Italy. Previous posts about Black Flowers Cafe on FM blog: BLACK FLOWERS CAFE β€”...

CDAD β€” The Gift Of Giving (2015)

I was thinking…as you can see, today is evening of calm music, so here is good example of it πŸ™‚ Enjoy and relax… CDAD β€” electronic / hip-hop / indie / dadstep music artist from Sydney, Australia. CDAD on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Favorite

Alphane Reality Generator β€” Nature of My Circuitry

Hi. Today you have an opportunity to listen a bit of experimental rock music. This music is directly from hell πŸ™‚ Alphane Reality Generator β€” blues rock / experimental / lo-fi music artist from West Chester, (US). Alphane Reality Generator on the web: Bandcamp LastFM Favorite