Kami Maltz — On The Loose (2018)

Hello! This is premiere 🙂 Everything starting from Interesting drum pattern ending on pleasant voice and precise arrangement in this track is perfect! You can believe me, because I am hearing a bunch of music every day and I really can recognize the good one. Sure, it depends on...

EllaHarp — Who Asked You Back (2018)

Harp sounds is a fairy tale. An this song throw me there without asking… Shhhh…quiet please, I am listening 🙂 EllaHarp — indie / folk / pop / harp music artist from Half Moon Bay CA, US. EllaHarp on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud YouTube Instagram Twitter Favorite

DUETS AND STUFF — Serve Somebody (2018)

A bit more of sweet music… Sound like I am falling into small plastic world with pink plastic houses, dancing sun and cloned flowers. Dig it 🙂 DUETS AND STUFF — indie / pop music project from Sweden. DUETS AND STUFF on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Instagram Twitter YouTube...

Nanaki — Epilogue (2018)

Hey, hey, it’s winter sunday — time to drown into sweet, white melancholy. To be honest, I lilke that dirty and raw sound…and that programmed drums…I think, in this album everything is in the right place. Click “play” button and go ahead 🙂 Nanaki — post-rock / instrumental /...

HUMANS — The Feels EP (2018)

Hello! And…HUMANS again 🙂 New EP from HUMANS is now officially available! You can check it on Spotify or Heaven Sounds. And you can watch the video for Sip It track right now. HUMANS — electronic / indie music project from Vancouver, Canada. Previous posts about HUMANS: HUMANS —...

HUMANS — The Feels (2017)

Hello again! Check this out. Very light and groovy track from HUMANS. By the way, this guys are also from Canada (as band from the previous post). Enjoy. HUMANS — electronic / indie music project from Vancouver, Canada. HUMANS on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud YouTube Instagram Twitter Favorite

Frank Rabeyrolles – Apart (2017)

Good evening. Just leave some space for the good music and enjoy it… Frank Rabeyrolles — electronic / indie / experimental / lo-fi music artist from Montpellier, France. Frank Rabeyrolles on the web: Facebook Bandcamp tumblr. Favorite

CDAD – a few tracks

Hello! I’ve been away for a while, but I’ve got a few tracks from one great musician. Check them all now. Enjoy! CDAD — electronic / hip-hop / indie / dadstep music artist from Sydney, Australia. Previuos posts on FM blog: CDAD — THE GIFT OF GIVING (2015) CDAD...

SOHN – Ronnen (2017)

Hi everyone! Sohn — indie / electronic musician from England. Just want you all to check out this beautiful release 🙂 You can stream Rennen album following link: Previous posts on FM blog: SOHN — TREMORS (2014) Great music for the winter mood. Sohn on the web: Official...

Pale Eyes — Worth the Sorrow (2016)

Hi there! Here I am, with the new music for you 🙂 Enjoy. Pale Eyes — experimental / indie pop / avant-pop music artist from Toronto, Canada. Pale Eyes on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp tumblr. Instagram YouTube Favorite