Sunspire - See You In My Sleep (artwork faeton music)

Sunspire – See You In My Sleep (2021)

Good morning, guys! Today I woke up in some dark mood. A lot of thoughts swarming in my head and I didn’t even want to do anything today. But then I get this song…and it fixed my state. Not fully, but at least this day became a bit lighter....
aboynamedblu - building a boat (artwork faeton music)

aboynamedblu – building a boat (2021)

Hi there! I don’t know why, but my musical preferences are pretty polar. On one hand, I love for instance death metal music, on the other, I can’t live without ambient music. And yes, everything in between those styles is also included in my musical taste đŸ™‚ Today we’re...
Hola la Poyana - Before you leave (feat. Rigolò€) (artwork faeton music)

Hola la Poyana – Before you leave (feat. Rigolò€) (2021)

Hey, guys! Today’s mood is like: “life is an endlessly going process of energy transformation. From the moment of a big bang to the end of times, that energy will flow from one shape to another.” Excuse me for these corny words. I just needed to say them at...
zkennedy - Trash the Room (artwork faeton music)

zkennedy – Trash the Room (2021)

Hey! What’s up? Are you ready for a portion of fresh music? Okay, let’s go! Here is zkennedy — an alternative music artist from Houston, Texas, US, and the track “Trash the Room”. Even though on all his tracks on Soundcloud I see tags “r&b and soul” and “alternative”,...
stefan - Meant for Me (artwork faeton music)

stefan – Meant for Me (2021)

Good morning đŸ™‚ The skies are finally clean, and last pieces of winter ice slowly melting. While outside world going crazy, and people hurrying somewhere, I am here to share some calmness with you guys! Here is stefan — lo-fi pop music artist from Los Angeles / Tokyo, and...
Gallery 47 - Angel Follows Me Out (artwork faeton music)

Gallery 47 – Angel Follows Me Out (2021)

Hi, my friends. Sometimes we all need some easy to listen, simple, and soft music. And I’ve got some for you đŸ˜‰ Today here is Gallery 47 — indie / folk music artist from Nottingham, UK, and the song “Angel Follows Me Out”. Let’s check it! Honestly, I have...