indie pop

Crywolf - Foreign Tongues (Roniit Reimagination) (artwork faeton music)

Crywolf – Foreign Tongues (Roniit Reimagination) (2019)

Hello. Sometimes musicians trying to create something original, but they’re often forgetting about simple thing – more instruments not mean better result. Here you can hear perfect example of how you can make wonderful music using only keys and voice. And, actually, it sounds pretty wide, even with this...
Zander Bleck - Forget You (artwork faeton music)

Zander Bleck – Forget You (2019)

Hi there πŸ™‚ New day – new music! With these words you should start your day and, surely, visit Faeton Music, to find something fresh for your ears and brain. Let’s go! This track came to my hands via instagram, which is not regular thing for me tbh. Anyway,...
Vaarwell - False Promises (artwork faeton music)

Vaarwell – False Promises (2019)

Hello! Sometimes I am thinking about my life…and you know what? I am definitely not regret about anything. Every moment of happiness, sadness, pain or bliss was and will be an important part of me. This wonderful Sunday morning I’d like to show you one more beautiful song. Musically,...