The Pink Elephants β€” Visions Of Troy EP (2018)

Hi everyone! Here I am and here is one more portion of interesting music for your ears. Enjoy πŸ˜‰ The Pink Elephants β€” psychedelic / experimental / shoegaze music project from Ottawa, Canada. The Pink Elephants on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Favorite

Skinny Downers β€” Kill Figures (2016)

Hello. Noisy industrial sounds directly from Germany to your ears πŸ™‚ Skinny Downers β€” dark wave / industrial / rock music project from Berlin / Waterford, Germany. Previous posts about Skinny Downers on FM blog: SKINNY DOWNERS β€” SLEEPER CELL (2014) SKINNY DOWNERS β€” OUT COMES THE KNIFE (2016)...

Palo SopraΓ±o β€” Blue Honey (2016)

Good evening everyone. Check out this soft album. Music to my ears πŸ™‚ Palo SopraΓ±o β€” experimental rock / indie / shoegaze music artist from Oregon, US. Listen full album on his soundcloud page (links are below). Palo SopraΓ±o on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Instagram YouTube Favorite

Ummagma β€” Frequency (2015)

Good evening. Do you know, what kind of music I like? Answer is very simple β€” good music πŸ™‚ Here is an example of good music. It’s from Ukraine, so I have another reason to be proud for Ukrainian music! Enjoy this work of art. Ummagma β€” dreampop /...

Still Sightes β€” Hiraeth (2015)

Hello again. Here is the new interesting release for you, guys. Just spend a few minutes to listen this band from Nashville. They are very good. I already listened πŸ™‚ Still Sightes β€” post-rock / atmospheric / shoegaze music band from Nashville, US. Still Sightes on the web: Facebook...

Commuted β€” All's Well That Ends Well (2015)

Hi. Noisy sounds of this album are hypnotizing me. Hope you like it πŸ™‚ Commuted (David Eatock) β€” post-punk / shoegaze / indie music artist from Toronto, Canada. Commuted on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Mammoth β€” Innate (2015)

Hi everyone! We’re back. As I promised in previous post β€” here is fresh music πŸ™‚ Impressive technique, interesting harmonies, math guitar riffs, complex time signatures etc… All of this you can find in their music. Please welcome β€” Mammoth! Mammoth β€” fusion / instrumental / progressive rock band...

maquinas β€” zolpidem (2015)

Hello people. This is the most calm music that I heard in the last time. Dirty sound, but it’s only make it better and interesting. maquinas β€” alternative / experimental / shoegaze / slowcore / noise rockΒ band artist from Fortaleza, Brazil. maquinas on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Favorite
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