indie music

Roos Meijer - I Dream Of A World (artwork faeton music)

Roos Meijer – I Dream Of A World (2021)

Good morning 🙂 You know, I don’t like a piano in music at all…but today’s song is one of those rare exceptional cases when the piano sounds perfect, and working with the vocal and the rest of the arrangement perfectly! Here is Roos Meijer — folk / world music...
Bex & Bright - Away (Ft. LUC) (artwork faeton music)

Bex & Bright – Away (Ft. LUC) (2021)

Hello, guys! You know, sometimes we all have thoughts about some situations in our lives…and lots of “what if?” questions. I think this song is a perfect helper for such cases. Here is the song called “Away (Ft. LUC)” by Bex & Bright — bedroom / lo-fi pop music...
Tristan Gregory Smith - Fortune Teller (artwork faeton music)

Tristan Gregory Smith – Fortune Teller (2021)

Hey, guys! The summer begins with strange weather and weird thoughts in my head. It’s pretty hard to explain what am I thinking about. To be honest, I don’t even want to. Because it will definitely bring me much deeper into those thoughts. Anyway, I am here with fresh...
J Flint - Til Flowers Bloom (artwork faeton music)

J Flint – Til Flowers Bloom (2021)

Good morning 🙂 I’m back! You know what? I’ve never thought about how many songs about love are out there… No, really! Now I see, that love is probably the most popular theme for songwriters. And the most interesting thing here is how different people can describe and translate...
Family Junket - Lulu's Lullaby (artwork faeton music)

Family Junket – Lulu’s Lullaby (2021)

Hello, my friends! Usually, I am not attracted to r&b music. But today is a pretty special case. From the very first seconds of the song, I’ve realized that this one should be on my blog. And, obviously, it’s here now. Let’s check it! Probably, this is the most...
John Pierce O'Reilly - iombhá (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – iombhá (2021)

Hey, guys! For the last two days, I had a headache. So, I decided to listen to something soft and gentle to my ears. And I’ve got something perfect for this case 🙂 Here is John Pierce O’Reilly — indie folk music artist from Ireland, and his fresh song...