GraveSpitter - Learning Ignorance (artwork faeton music)

GraveSpitter – Learning Ignorance (2021)

Hello, guys! Do you want some energy? Here you go! 🙂 Today here is pretty short, but incredibly powerful hardcore / sludge track “Learning Ignorance” by GraveSpitter. band from Philadelphia, US. First of all, I’d like to say that this song sounds like a soundtrack to kill somebody (for...
Defamed - Wounds (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Wounds (2020)

Hey! Monday is a hard day for most people, so I am here to add a little bit of heaviness of metal music to this day 🙂 You all, probably, already know this band… Here is one more song by Defamed — deathcore band from Milan, Italy, entitled “Wounds”....
Defamed - In Tenebris (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – In Tenebris (2020)

Good morning, my friends! If you think that we will start the weekend and August with some downtempo / easy listening music, then you’re totally wrong! It’s gonna blow your mind! Defamed — deathcore / progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. Today here is their song “In Tenebris”. First...
Hanter Dro - Turtle Man (artwork faeton music)

Hanter Dro – Turtle Man (2019)

Hello, guys! I am metalhead, this is not a secret 🙂 I usually don’t like post-hardcore music. But this band blown my mind (at least this certain song)! Most of all I like the vocal manner and how the vocal melody laying on top of the guitar harmonies. Don’t...

CONS — Our Secret Language (2018)

Good morning 🙂 Actually, this track better fits for the monday morning (when you don’t want to wake up, struggling with it, getting win and going to job…but wanting to kill someone). I getting a bunch of music for my blog every day there is a lot of good...

False Light — False Light (2012)

And now it’s time to heaviness! False Light — grindcore/fastcore/powerviolence band from South Carolina (US). Very dirty sound + almost satanic vocal parts = False Light. In my opinion (if you like metal), this album, deserves your attention…uniquely! False Light on the web: Facebook Bandcamp LastFM Favorite