Bodybag Garibaldi - Margot Robbie (artwork faeton music)

Bodybag Garibaldi – Margot Robbie (2021)

Hey guys! Today is a good day for metal music lovers 🙂 Sometimes we all need something heavy and crazy, right? Well, I have something for you! Here is Bodybag Garibaldi — One-man death / grind band from Brazil based in Helsinki, Finland, and the track “Margot Robbie”. Let’s...

Cannibal Corpse – Bloodthirst (1999)

Greatest brutal death metal band in whole world — sure this is Cannibal Corpse! And there is nothing to say… I love Cannibal Corpse! Cannibal Corpse on the web: Official site Facebook MySpace LastFM Favorite

False Light — False Light (2012)

And now it’s time to heaviness! False Light — grindcore/fastcore/powerviolence band from South Carolina (US). Very dirty sound + almost satanic vocal parts = False Light. In my opinion (if you like metal), this album, deserves your attention…uniquely! False Light on the web: Facebook Bandcamp LastFM Favorite

Benighted — Carnivore Sublime (2014)

Are you ready? Please welcome — Benighted! This death metal band was formed in France, in 1998. The wall of sound falls on my head when I listen this album. Absolutely amazing vocals (from drive voice to pig squeal and growling), incredible guitar riffs and very technical rhythm section!...