Violent Vickie - Serotonin (artwork faeton music)

Violent Vickie – Serotonin (2020)

Good morning. Maybe today is not the best day for this kind of music, but I like it, so you will listen to it too 😉 First of all – Violent Vickie – industrial / darkwave music artist from Los Angeles, US. Today I’d like to represent to you...

Pelts — Stand Behind The Rope (single 2015)

Hi people! A bit of disturbing music in the air 🙂 I like this monotonic music pulse. Pelts — electronic / ebm / industrial / synthpunk music artist from Los Angeles, USA. Pelts on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Instagram Twitter Favorite

Johnny Hollow — A Collection Of Creatures (2014)

If you like scary fairy tales, then this album perfectly for you! Johnny Hollow — band from Ontario (Canada), that make nice music in gothic/electronic/alternative/rock/experimental styles. Deep dive to the very bottom of my mind. Very, very beautiful music! I could attach full album for preview, but did not....