drainabyte - lost at sea (artwork faeton music)

drainabyte – lost at sea (2019)

Hello, my dears! Today I will ask you to prepare your ears for something extraordinary. Here is an artist from Milan, Italy. His name is Andrea, but he working under pseudonym drainabyte. And today I will represent to you track called “lost at sea”. A lot of genres are...

Richard XNDR — Poly (2016)

Hi. Here is a very interesting music artist from Berlin. Wish you all good evening. Richard XNDR — experimental / electronic / techno / postclub music artist from Berlin, Germany. Richard XNDR on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Instagram Favorite

MARSH. — Tiny Points Of Light (2014)

Hello. Sometimes I want to listen something weird. Today in my inbox folder I found this great stuff. Hope you enjoy it (recommend to listen full album following link: MARSH. — glitch / experimental / drone / ambient / electronic music artist from England (currently based in New...

Rement Ipalex — Soundscape Erotica (2015)

Hey! What’s up? 🙂 Here we are with new electronic music album. Minimalist atmosphere + interesting glitch rhythms = Rement Ipalex Great start of my snowy sunday. Enjoy! Rement Ipalex — experimental / downtempo / glitch music producer from Warren MI, US. Rement Ipalex on the web: Facebook Soundcloud...

DQ & The CJO — Lair (feat. Torpex5) (2015)

_-..98*&^#879#hello I hypnotised by this record… 0!#*8#-_===++-948 IT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. (#97297(&!#+_#! over. DQ & The CJO — electronic / experimental / lo-fi / glitch music artist from Tampa, Florida. DQ & The CJO on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud YouTube Twitter Favorite

Cassie / Kearley — Your Inside Voicings (2015)

Hi. Two days in a row I listening music late night. Today 3:02, whatever, I want you to listen it too. I impressed by this album. Cassie / Kearley — electronic / experimental / ambient / piano music artist from Vancouver, Canada. Cassie / Kearley on the web: Soundcloud...

Thelonious Brown — html (album 2014)

Hello! Thelonious Brown — : electronic / contemporary jazz / experimental / glitch / hop hip / idm / jazz / noise / psychedelic / trapis Patrick Brown, a music artist from Portland Maine, US. This music isn`t for Web Developers only. Thelonious Brown on the web: Facebook Bandcamp...