58918012 feat. Marfa - Lullabies (artwork faeton music)

58918012 feat. Marfa – Lullabies (2020)

Hey guys! For s very long time I dreamed about this release, and finally, it’s here! I am happy to represent to you “Lullabies” EP, by me aka 58918012 and Evgenia Kartushova aka Marfa. Let’s check it! The “Lullabies” EP is my tribute to Ukrainian culture in general and...
zion kim. - Hurt me bad. (artwork faeton music)

zion kim. – Hurt me bad. (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Nature makes revenge for the Carpathian forests, which was illegally logged. It rains for over 20 days now and some places are already flooded. That’s pretty sad honestly. But my mission is to share good music, right? So, I will do my part of the deal....
Evran - Your Presence Is Haunting (artwork faeton music)

Evran – Your Presence Is Haunting (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Excuse me for this little pause in the music flow. Sometimes it happens…just because. But I am here today, and I am ready to share one more wonderful song with you. Let’s check it! Today here is Evran — alternative / indie music artist from Bergen,...