folk rock

Jordan Paul - Archetype X (artwork faeton music)

Ellis Meek – Archetype X (2020)

Hey guys! How are things going? 🙂 I have a wonderful song for those of you who like Jeff Buckley (I hope you all know who is Jeff Buckley). Let’s check it together! Here is Ellis Meek — indie-folk / alternative music artist from Hamilton (Ontario Canada), and his...
Constant Smiles - You're On Your Own (artwork faeton music)

Constant Smiles – You’re On Your Own (2020)

Hey! How you doing? 🙂 I have a habit to listen to a lot of difficult music. I mean, math metal, progressive metal, brutal death, etc. I am just fan of unusual time signatures, fast riffs, and all that stuff. But sometimes my brain saying to me: “Hey mate,...
Native - It's Been A While (artwork faeton music)

Native – It’s Been A While (2020)

Hello, guys! ‘Cause of the quarantine and all that crazy stuff, I almost can’t feel that usual spring taste. But this song sounds like spring itself. It’s fresh, calm, and light as a warm spring wind! Today here is Native – indie / folk music artist from Switzerland, and...
George Gaudy - Mother (Reprise) (artwork faeton music)

George Gaudy – Mother (Reprise) (2020)

Hello! I still can’t believe how fast time goes by… Especially, when you’re sitting home for over two weeks in a row. But, fortunately, I have a time-machine (yes, I mean music surely). Today here is George Gaudy – psychedelic rock music artist from London, UK, and his song...