Live Phootage — Going Somewhere (2015)

Good day, guys! Live Phootage — electroacoustic/ acoustic music band from Brooklyn, US. In addition to creating their own music, Live Footage scores an eclectic range of compositions for film soundtracks, fashion events, and dance performances that have caught the attention of world-renowned companies and organizations, including UNICEF, Rag...

Animaux Surround — Château​-​Fantôme (EP 2014)

Hi there! Animaux Surround — electronic / france electro / indie pop is Isidore Hibou, a music artist from Paris, France. Animaux Surround on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Favorite

Rimshout — The Time Capsule (2014)

Now check it out! Rimshout — experimental / electronic / ethnic / dub project from Stockholm (Sweden). Amazing mix of electronic music, ethnic samples and acid synths! Enjoy! 🙂 Rimshout on the web: Facebook Soundcloud YouTube iTunes Favorite

Crooked Colours — Debut EP (2014)

Crooked Colours is indie/electro band from Perth (Western Australia). Guys just plays good music! I don’t even know, what I can say about them and their music…sounds good 🙂 Just listen and enjoy the music! Crooked Colours on the web: Official page Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Favorite

Metronomy — Love Letters (March 2014)

Metronomy — indie/electronic band from the UK (though, who doesn’t know!?). I love this band very much, after their album “The English Riviera”. looking forward to “Love Letters” album, because “I’m Aquarius” — very impressive! Meanwhile, we will listen single “I’m Aquarius” and wait for the album… Metronomy on...

Minilogue — The Islands Of If (2014)

Minilogue — electronic (minimal, techno, electronic) music band from Sweden. Excellent sound, recognizable style. I like it! In my opinion, very nice background music for work and walk. 🙂 Minilogue on the web: Official site Facebook Beatport Soundcloud LastFM Favorite