deep techno

KiRiK & Alia Palant - Techiya (artwork faeton music)

KiRiK & Alia Palant – Techiya (2020)

Hey guys! Today I am pretty excited because today here is an artist from Ukraine 🙂 I am always happy to share good music from Ukrainian musicians. Here is KiRiK & Alia Palant with their fresh track “Techiya”. It’s kinda mix of deep house, melodic techno, electronica and something...
KUSHI - Trippin (artwork faeton music)

KUSHI – Trippin (2020)

Hi there! Just FYI, I am very negatively tuned to any drugs (yes, I know that the LSD is psychedelic, but still the drug in my opinion). and to everything connected with it. Don’t do drugs ever! Since the drugs theme is not close to me, I will try...

biskuwi — Norse (2018)

Good morning 🙂 How your day started? What can be better than good music in the spring morning? Right – nothing! So here we are to get one… We can complain on bad mood, bad dreams, bad boss or something else, but we’re often forgetting about one very important...