Tomas Raae - Fear Not, Zechariah (artwork faeton music)

Tomas Raae – Fear Not, Zechariah (2020)

Hi there! Today here is one more instrumental composition by Tomas Raae. Btw, you can check out previous posts about Tomas following links below this post 🙂 What can I say? This track is somewhere on the crossroads between ambient, jazz, ethnic, and folk music (at least in my...
Conner Simmons - Lure (artwork faeton music)

Conner Simmons – Lure (feat. Samantha Sugrue, Victoria Klaunig, Nathaniel Martin, Marc Rodriguez)

Hello. Good morning! A few days in a row I have some sad mood. Maybe it’s because of the autumn… In any case, fresh music is always appreciated 🙂 This composition will be useful if you’re looking for some loneliness and calm. Just an amazing strings parts, harmony and...

Girls and God — You are copper greening in open air (2015)

Hi people! 01:04 o’clock in Ukraine now. Music stuff from the band “Girls and God” is perfect for this time. I am tired and totally relaxed. Sounds of this record only promotes this. Gentle female voice, pleasant male voice in conjunction with acoustic instruments — is the best way...