Aquartos - The Valley (artwork faeton music)

Aquartos – The Valley (2019)

Hello. Rain and cold reminds me that this is autumn. But it’s not bad. I like any of the seasons. Autumn – for some sadness, Winter – to stay calm, Spring – to feel alive, Summer – to get some rest. And I have some favorite genres to listen...

VLMV — If Only I (2018)

Hello! Okay, okay, this track maybe is too melodramatic…but it hooked me in some way. I like that atmospheric and sad mood. Actually, my imagination drawing scenes form the sad but full of hope movie about love. Some final scene, where one from the pair staying on the cliff,...

Cassie / Kearley — Your Inside Voicings (2015)

Hi. Two days in a row I listening music late night. Today 3:02, whatever, I want you to listen it too. I impressed by this album. Cassie / Kearley — electronic / experimental / ambient / piano music artist from Vancouver, Canada. Cassie / Kearley on the web: Soundcloud...

Shifting Reality — Naive Audacity (EP 2014)

Hello! As you know, we like opening new faces in music. So ambient lovers don’t pass by! Shifting Reality — ambient / cinematic electronica / experimental is David Pusztai a musician from Hungary. Shifting Reality on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite

Antethic — Origin (album 2014)

Really good post rock! Check it out! Antethic — post rock / progressive rock / drone / experimental / cinematic is an instrumental band formed in 2012 from St. Petersburg, Russia. Antethic on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Favorite

Volkanos — 100110101 (song 2014)

Good morning! I have some “tasty” music 4u! Volkanos — experimental / electronic / house / cinematictronica is a producer/musician from Denver, CO. Kris Rhody makes experimental dance music and has cool stuff in playlist by the way. Volkanos on the web: Soundcloud Favorite

Andrew Judah — Better & Better (video 2014)

Hello! Andrew Judah’s latest magnum opus, the ominously entitled baroque-infused indie-pop LP Monster is coming out in just a couple weeks on Septmber 30. “Better & Better” is a time lapse video showing Monster’s album cover being drawn by artist Max Wiener. Andrew Judah — alternative / baroque pop...

MIRO SOUNDS LIKE A MOVIE — Live on the Rooftop (2013)

MSLAM — Ambient / Soundtrack / Experimental / Post-Rock / Instrumental is an artist Miro Kepinski from Poland. His latest project was co-created with world-class musicians and sound engineer Maor Appelbaum, legendary New York producer Kramer and Dokaka, who worked on Bjork’s Medulla. This new project by Miro is...

Nathan Shubert's Pirate Ship — Moorage, Captain, Port & Chambers (2014)

In the middle of the week you need calm and relaxing music. Nathan Shubert — experimental / ambient / instrumental / atmospheric music project based in Vancouver (Canada). Like it! Very talanted musician. Thanks for the great music. Nathan Shubert’s Pirate Ship on the web: Official site Facebook Bandcamp...