Kicktracks - I Was Wrong (feat. Kehard) (artwork faeton music)

Kicktracks – I Was Wrong (feat. Kehard) (2019)

Hi there! A little bit late today, but I am still here 😉 Hope this Sunday going well for all of you. And I am here with a little present, and traditionally it’s music. Here is beatmaker / producer from Moscow, Russia – Kicktracks and his track “I Was...
The Secret Whistle - Creaks (artwork faeton music)

The Secret Whistle – Creaks (2019)

Hi there. I am lazy af right now. Probably it’s because of that damn heat outside (tbh, it’s fuc*ing hot even in my room). But I am not hating this, I’m just trying to deal with it using my own methods. One of them is – cold fruits in...

okvsho — Respect Your Rainbow (2018)

Good evening. It was hard work day (at least for me), so now I want to get some rest. And this track is perfect fit for this 🙂 Smooth instrumental hip-hop with jazzy mood – is perfect choice for the evening rest. Just lay down on the bed and...

Bmbu — cloud city (2018)

Good morning! It’s saturday and this means that everybody needs some relax, right? Okay, you’re in the right way…a few more words and you will get it 🙂 There is not a lot of dynamics, no a lot of instruments…just a few things to keep your mood going. A...

Sal Dulu — Tyko (2018)

Deep track with good vibe. Few times “on repeat” and you’re out of routine problems (at least during music playing) 🙂 Sal Dulu — electronic / downtempo / hip-hop music artist from Dublin, Ireland. Sal Dulu on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Instagram Spotify Favorite

Frythm – There For You (ft. AVNDR) (2017)

Good evening, everyone! I am here again to show something fresh and pleasant to your ears. Have a nice weekend 🙂 Frythm — electronica / EDM / future beats music artist from El Paso, TX, US. Frythm on the web: Official Website Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Instagram Favorite

Ghøxts — Mo-Ment (2016)

Good evening. May I have your attention please? Thanks. Spend a few minutes to listen this great track and relax. Ghøxts — electronic / chill / downtempo / beats music producer from Seattle, US. Previous posts about Ghøxts on Faeton music blog: GHØXTS — GLANCES EP (2015) Ghøxts on...

Lee Kajko — The Space Hermit (2016)

Hi there. This 20 years old musician from Budapest are made my day. Seriously, his music is wonderful! I drowning in vibrations of sound from my speakers. Try it yourself…Push play and listen. Enjoy. Lee Kajko — experimental metal / post-rock / ambient / noise / electronic music artist...

DJ NIZZY NICK — ウルトラEspairecendo flip サンプル 音楽 week 102 (2016)

Hey folks! Someone of you, guys, loves cloud rap and some experimental hip-hop stuff i guess. If it’s right, then you should be satisfied. Enjoy. DJ NIZZY NICK — cloud rap / experimental / hip-hop / beats music producer from Teeswater, Ontario, Canada. DJ NIZZY NICK on the web:...

Feinman — Sweetworld 2 (2015)

Hello people. Are you ready? Really? Ok, let’s go 😉 Feinman — experimental / electronic / techno and a bunch of many genres music producer from New York, US. Feinman on the web: House Pet Records on Facebook Bandcamp Favorite