Pale Eyes β€” Worth the Sorrow (2016)

Hi there! Here I am, with the new music for you πŸ™‚ Enjoy. Pale Eyes β€” experimental / indie pop / avant-pop music artist from Toronto, Canada. Pale Eyes on the web: Official website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp tumblr. Instagram YouTube Favorite

Koala Bear β€” Thrown Into The Monster Pit (2015)

Good evening. My offer is to check out this music πŸ˜‰ Koala Bear β€” electronic / indie / psychedelic music project from Phoenix, US. Koala Bear on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Howling Owl β€” Dance for Common Sense (2015)

Howdy! I just want to add a bit of avant garde to your friday evening πŸ™‚ It’s recommended to listen full album at Soundcloud or Bandcamp! Howling Owl β€” alternative / experimental / avantgarde music project from Latvia / Serbia. Howling Owl on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud...

womb pals β€” baby_spinach (2015)

Hello. Sometimes I want to do something for 10 minutes and listen something strange with this action. Now I found the album, that suitable to my requirements. This is it πŸ™‚ Nice little album with weird sounds. Set your brain to 10 minutes of really weird music. Nothing more...

FKA twigs – Two Weeks (Official Video 2014)

Hey-Hey! FKA twigs β€” electronic / dream pop / art pop / avant pop / trip-hop is a musicial band from UK. Beautifull. Sexy. Fresh. Her sweet vocal make me so relaxed. I bacame a fan of FKA twigs! I watched this video about 10 times, than said: “WOW!”,...