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Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution - The Abyss (artwork faeton music)

Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution – The Abyss (2020)

Hello. Today I’ve seen a dream… There was absolutely psychedelic atmosphere, and some weird things happening. Maybe it was a sign? Here we go! Psychedelic atmosphere comes to you 🙂 Here is the experimental / art-rock / post-rock band from Salt Lake City – Keepers of the Earth Peace...
Best Mann - Hudson Holland (artwork faeton music)

Best Mann – Hudson // Holland (2019)

Hello again 🙂 As usual, in the morning time I am here with portion of the good music for your ears and brain. Today here is very interesting indie-rock / art-rock artist from Amherst, United States – Best Mann, and his song “Hudson // Holland”. It was released today,...
Sounds of Occupation - Metamorph (artwork faeton music)

Sounds of Occupation – Metamorph (2019)

Hello! Today is a president election In Ukraine, but I don’t give a f*ck. I just found one more interesting band for you, guys 🙂 This band based in Chech Republic. Their music is an incredible mix of many genres. I really dig it. Enjoy. Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Spotify...

JenHodges and Spurge – Four More Songs (2017)

Howdy! Here is a coctail of the enegretic progressive rock and atmospheric post-rock. Very interesting band. If you’re love these styles of the music, you should love it! Enjoy 🙂 JenHodges and Spurge — experimental / art rock / post-rock music band from Atlanta, US. JenHodges and Spurge on...

Radiohead — Spectre (2015)

Hi! Good news folks. Here is new Radiohead’s song. That’s all 🙂 Radiohead — experimental rock / electronic / art rock band from UK. Radiohead on the web: Official website Soundcloud Facebook Twitter MySpace LastFM YouTube Favorite